Baseball Info

Annandale participates in the Crow River Youth Baseball League.

League games are typically played on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The season typically runs from May thru July.

A single game of 6 or 7 innings (determined by age level) or 2-hour time limit are played with 6:30pm start time. No new inning may begin after 8:30pm.

Crow River Youth Baseball League is affiliated with the Minnesota Sports Federation (MSF). MSF AA State Tournament Qualifying League tournaments are held on weekends during the season.

Players are not allowed to register in Annandale Traveling League unless they are full time students or live within the Annandale School District without the approval of the Annandale BB/SB Association.

Divisions are organized by level and age:

Age Determination Rules

Players age on April 30 of the current year participation.For example, a player who was born on April 25, 2009 would be 10 years old for the 2019 season. A player who was born on May 5, 2009 would be 9 years old for the 2019 season even though he/she is 10 by the time the season begins.

10AA Baseball

Ages & Leagues

Team Selection Criteria