Coaches Information

Processes and procedures

Key pre-season requirements & activities for all baseball and softball coaches

  1. Familiarize yourself with information in the ATL Coaches Handbook
  2. All BB/SB head(1) & assistant(1) coaches are required to have a Background Check, Concussion Training, First Aid Training and Positive Coaching Training via Trusted Coaches. The cost will be paid by ATL.
  3. In addition, all ATL head softball coaches will be required to complete the USA Softball MN Coach's Training course. See ACE (Aspire, Challenge, Encourage) Coaching Program explanation below. This is a Crow River Fastpitch requirement.
  4. Conduct a parent/player meeting as described in coaches handbook
  5. Collect Medical Information forms, jersey deposits and pants orders from player's guardians
  6. Report game schedule to field scheduler and arrange practices
  7. Coaches choosing to participate in Gopher State and/or Metro Baseball League qualifying tournaments will need to petition those organizations for acceptance to those at the appropriate level.
  8. ATL Softball Tier I teams pay $100 in advance for tournaments. ATL Baseball coaches will collect tournament fees as appropriate.

Field Scheduling instructions

  1. Rainout notification process
    • By about 4pm, try to communicate a plan with the opposing coach and umpire
    • Consult with field groomer Wayne Jacobson about the condition of your field if necessary
    • Up until first pitch, the decision resides with the coach but transfers to the umpire one the game starts
    • If you decide to postpone your game (either prior to first pitch or during the game), please notify the field scheduler Travis Jenniges and the umpire coordinator Tyler Kiel at Arbiter Sports.
  2. Reschedule process
    • Consult the field schedule to identify an open date on a field appropriate for your team
    • Agree to one of these dates with the opposing team's coach
    • Notify the field scheduler Travis Jenniges (612.306.5723) of the intended date and field where the game will be made up. Travis will coordinate with the umpire coordinator to get an umpire assigned for your game.
  3. If your umpire doesn't show up for the game
    • pull a responsible adult or teenager from the crowd as a replacement
    • email Tyler at Arbiter sports reporting the no-show umpire and substitute umpire's name and address. They will receive the payment for that game.
  4. This season we will have teams assigned to practice fields as a trial. You will be able to see which team(s) you will share your assigned field with and will only have to coordinate your schedule with that coach. This will match teams with appropriate field size requirements. Those teams using AES fields for practice will need to schedule with the Community Ed office.

Pre-game, post-game expectations

Additional baseball or softball games can be scheduled, but the field grooming and umpire scheduling/payment are the responsibility of the team scheduling the extra game(s). Follow the same process for scheduling a field (contacting Travis Jenniges) but please do not confuse Tyler by using Arbiter sports to schedule an umpire. The umpire will not be scheduled or paid by ATL or Arbiter Sports.

The Annandale Baseball/Softball Association has made the commitment to provide a safe, positive and productive experience for their Traveling Youth Baseball/Softball participants. Trusted Coaches is a comprehensive online program that offers essential training, education and screening necessary for Head/Assistant baseball/softball coaches. Annandale BB/SB will be utilizing the components of First Aid Training, Concussion Instruction, Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach® Training Course and a Nationwide Criminal Background Check. The Trusted Coaches program is delivered exclusively online (promoting 100% compliance) and provides the opportunity for a coach to complete the program at their own pace in the comfort of their own home.
After satisfactorily completing these required courses, coaches will gain membership to Trusted Coaches; they also receive a membership card verifying the completion of the required courses set forth by the Annandale Baseball/Softball Association.
All Annandale Baseball/Softball Association Head(1) and Assistant(1) coach will be required to complete this four component training. Additional assistant coaches will be required to complete concussion training only.

As the National Governing Body of Softball, it is USA Softball's responsibility to ensure that our coaches achieve a certain level of understanding of what their duties are as coach of a youth softball team. Available online, the ACE Coaching Education program is available to any coach that participates in USA Softball play. The USA Softball certifies more than 25,000 coaches each year.

The ACE (Aspire, Challenge, Encourage) Coaching Program is a coaching education program, developed and designed to provide softball coaches of all levels - from beginning coaches to experienced veterans - an opportunity to be educated as a coach with a national softball organization.

As the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, it is USA Softball's responsibility to ensure that our coaches achieve a certain level of understanding of what their duties are as coach of a youth softball team. The ACE Education videos and training materials serve as practical guides to the everyday situations you will encounter as a youth softball coach. After obtaining your ACE education, you will be well prepared to coach a youth softball team.

Crow River Fastpitch requires only the head coach to complete the ACE Coaching Program.